Kodykoala's Custom Bowser's Battle Suit

Kodykoala's Custom Bowser's Battle Suit

I love going to Goodwill. I find all kinds of toys that I would not normally get to make customs out of. This is an example of that. Now, before anyone gets mad that I cut up an N64 Mario Kart Bowser figure, I need to tell you his story. I found this guy in a bag of mixed figures. I saw the shell and knew that it was a great find, but I didn't realize that it did not have arms, or looked like it had been chewed by a dog. When I got him home, I took pity on him and decided to build him a working body.

I used an Iron Monger as the base, and I added a bunch of things to give it a mech flare. My favorite part of this is the little Bowser Jr. companion that flies around his head. The shell on his head was from some Japanese Koopa shell, and the feet are from a different Iron Man figure. I was trying to incorporate as much Bowser as I could in this figure, so I took some little shells from the Furuta Choco Egg figures and made them into knee and elbow pads. The rest are just left-over parts I had.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page
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