Kodykoala's Custom Juliet vs. Zombies

Kodykoala's Custom Juliet vs. Zombies

Here is Juliet done up in a Pinky Street Style. I was originally just going to do Juliet, but I thought she needed to have someone to kill. I found this great Disco Zombie, and I thought it worked with the Pinky Street Style.

I used Pinky Street parts for Juliet, a Disco Zombie from the PC game, and a bunch of LEGO tiles for the concrete. I really love the look of Pinky Street figures, but I hate the fact that the bodies are so flexible. I had to put in a wire inside Juliet's body to make sure she stays standing up. I have had to actually go back and do this with all my Pinky Street Customs.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. Unfortunately this is not for sale. I gifted it to Jessica Nigri so that she can help me spread the word about my customs. If you are interested in a custom figure, please email me at donald.c.kennedy2@gmail.com and we can work out a commission. I am booked until Christmas, so I cannot have anything made for Christmas of 2012, but if you are not on a time constraint, let me know. Thanks.
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