Kodykoala's Custom Kaos Snow Globe

Kodykoala's Custom Kaos Snow Globe

Kaos is the big baddie in all the Skylander Games to date. I figured that a good way to keep him contained and not doing bad is to trap him inside a Snow globe. Luckily he has a thick robe to keep him warm, because I am pretty sure it will get cold in all that snow :)

I used a Kaos Happy Meal toy, a 3DS portal, and some color changing LEDs to make this awesome globe. I really love Kaos, it is just a shame that there are not a whole lot of toys with him. Maybe in the next Skylanders....

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. I am currently not selling this, but I am going to be putting up something on My Etsy Page to get a custom Snow Globe Made, so please keep an eye out.
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