Kodykoala's Custom Super Mario Gun

Kodykoala's Custom Super Mario Gun

I have really been into making custom Nerf guns lately, so I decided to try to make one for good ol' Mario. Here is what I imagine it would look like. The ammo of choice is a Bullet Bill, and of course there is a working flashlight for all those dark pipes he has to explore. I wanted to incorporate as much of the Mushroom Kingdom as I could with this gun, so I also added Piranha plants on the sides and a super star on the back. I had to take out the functionality of shooting darts, so I added a sound every time you pull the trigger. It is the sound of Mario getting bigger.

I used a Nerf Nite Finder, Mag lite mini flashlight, PVC pipe, and an old Super Mario Sound Drop key chain that I had lying around. This was a lot of fun, and I am thinking about doing a Pokemon style gun next, but I am not sure. If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. I have also opened a new area in my store where I am selling Custom Painted Guns for cosplay and costumes. My Mario gun is available there if you are interested in purchasing it. I have decided to try to expand my toy horizons, but I am still going to be doing a lot of figures. I currently have three in the works that I know everyone will like.

I also want to remind everyone that there is only six more days for the raffle of the Hungry Hungry Koopas game. I have sold about half the tickets already, so get them while you can in My Store's Raffle Section. Time is running out to get your tickets and I really want everyone to have a chance to own this unique piece.
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