Kodykoala's Pop Fizz Snow Globe

Kodykoala's Pop Fizz Snow Globe

I am an avid Skylanders collector, but the problem with collecting them is that you start to accumulate Portals of Power. I had a few, but I did not know what to do with them. I was watching Youtube, and found SKYLANDERS GIANTS 'It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2' and at the very beginning I got my inspiration.

I wanted to try with a smaller portal at first, so I used a 3DS portal and a large snow globe kit. Inside I used an extra Pop Fizz I had and decorated him to be in the holiday spirit. The globe stands about 6 inches tall, and I used Super Bright color changing LEDs to get the portal to glow.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. This one is currently not for sale, but if you would like me to make one for you, please contact me, and we can talk about a commission.
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