Kodykoala's Custom Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach

Kodykoala's Custom Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach
Here is my other submission to Super Iam8bit. Have you ever wondered why Mario went into medicine? I know Princess Peach has a kind heart and likes to help others, so it is obvious why she is a nurse. I think Mario's motives are a little more selfish.

I used a World of Simpsons Dr. Hibbert body for Mario. The head is a head from a 5' vinyl Mario, and the hair is sculpted. Peach consists of a Rei nurse figure, legs from a hentai figure and the head of a princess peach vinyl figure. The head of the princess had to be reshaped because the vinyl figure from Japan was horrible.

If you want to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page

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