Kodykoala's Custom Zombie Peach's Lair

Kodykoala's Custom Zombie Peach's Lair

This was originally designed for a commission, but the money never came through. I know I already did Zombie Peach, but this is a bit different, and it has her latest victim Mario's head. I wanted it to seem like she was at her zombie lair, so I put bones from other victims around her "dinner table."

I used a hard to find vinyl Princess Peach figure from China, so I couldn't remake this if I wanted to. The mushroom is actually from the same Peach figure, and the bones are from these skeletons I got from target this year at Halloween time.

Since I originally made this for a commission that fell through, I have put this up in My Store for the same price as the commission. If you want to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page.
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