Kodykoala's Lot of Custom Figures

Kodykoala's Lot of Custom Figures

Here is a bunch of customs that I did this last month. I was trying to be a little more off-beat with my figures this time. I know these won't get as much attention as my video game customs, but I am doing this for fun and not attention. So here is what I came up with.

One of my favorite web cartoons is homestarrunner, and every once in a while, I like to pay tribute to them. Here is Strong Badman. He goes around Strongbadia demanding danishes and kicking butt. I used a wrestling figure and I sculpted the head and hands. I plan on making a couple more from the series like Coach Z and Bubs.

Next I made the Crimson Chin. I love fairly odd parents, and I thought that this was a good chance to make something from the show. He is a little darker than I had hoped, but still came out really good. The only thing I had to sculpt was the chin and mouth.

The Ronald McDonald figure was a spur of the moment custom. I was at a flea market and saw this figure with a giant afro. I thought he would make a great clown figure. What better clown than the most famous one. Not sure who the wrestling figure was that I used, but I loved the way it came out.

Lastly, my Koala Spartan. This isn't a new one, but I haven't written about it yet, so I thought I would. I wanted to make a custom koala figure, and so I made this one. I am currently working on a battle mech for him. To check out all my customs go to My Flickr Page.
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