Kodykoala's Toad Mech

Kodykoala's Toad Mech

Here is the latest addition to the Mario Universe Mech series. I figured since the Toads were the smallest of the group, they would beef up their Mechs with some heavy fire power. I also figured that since there was a bit more in this Mech, that maybe a co-pilot was need to help with the weapon systems and other controls.

For this I used a vinyl Toad figure for the base, a Halo Warthog for the cockpit, and some guns from my parts bin. I believe the guns on the hands are from a Star Wars Destroyer droid, and the ones on the head are from a Transformers figure.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to my My Flickr Page. Please like My Facebook Page to see current works in progress and other things going on.
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